Born in India in 1956, Manoj Vyas began painting at the age of 8 when he
amazed his father with his first mixed medium painting that he created out of
whole rice. His father gave him paper and pencil encouraging him to draw on
paper. But Manoj’s drawing found other mediums also. Many times he
painted with coal and brick on the walls of the neighbors’ houses in his block  
and school rooms, and got scolded and spanked by them.

He began participating in all drawing and painting competitions at his school
and soon won a Drawing and Rangoli competition. He also sketched all his
classmates’ portraits at school. His first recognition came when he won the
Second Prize from Gujarat state in statewide competition. To continue his
passion for painting, he joined the SSG School of Arts first, and then the
famous Sir J.J. School of Arts in Bombay from where he got his Art degree.

His first job was with Bombay’s prestigious daily newspaper Indian Express as
a sketch and layout artist. His struggle continued even when he immigrated
to the U.S. in 1985. But even here, his first job took him to the then
prestigious and famous India Abroad newspapers where he worked 7 days a
week. Unable to travel to participate in painting competitions and shows due
to family obligations, he turned his profession into his hobby.

Manoj has now started traveling to Europe in the last 5 years and has visited
art galleries and museums at United Kingdom, Barcelona and other cities in
Spain, and Rome and other areas in Italy.  Painting still remains his passion
and he now devotes more time to it, sometimes even waking up from sleep to
quickly sketch ideas on canvas.  He draws inspiration for painting from
legends, folk tales and real life.

The mediums for the little boy who used walls and coal have changed to
canvas. Manoj has made a successful transition from his Indian background
to his current American home. Today his canvas is large, covering real life
portraits, religious paintings, and even Nudes as and when required by
clients. And his mediums range from water colors and acrylics to oil and wax
colors. His work depicts the conflicts between the spiritual and the material
world, and conflicts between family obligations and the call of his heart, his
art. Drawn from life, his work also represents his fears, hopes, pleasures and

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